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Industrial Rope Access Services

Cassectric Nigeria Limited provides industrial rope access for a safety inspection, testing, and structural survey at height levels or perimeters that are tough and difficult to access with the usual scaffolds or cradle or aerial cable system. Our team is IRATA certified and qualified to take on jobs that have to do with elevations where conventional scaffold methods are inefficient and impracticable.

One of the most compelling reasons for employing rope access to places such as offshore, tank farms, and onshore works in the oil and gas industry is because it is the safest and most affordable means to complete work at a height, in confined space, and in a subterranean environment where it is practically dangerous or difficult by technicians and inspectors working at a site to perform the test, maintenance, and inspections.

Cassectric Rope Access Services Covers

  • Inspection & Non-Destructive Testing. 
  • Derricks and Masts Refurbishment and Rebuilds
  • Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting.
  • Painting (airless spray & brush application).
  • Maintenance & Installation Projects.
  • Load Testing Services.
  •  Rig Maintenance.
  • Electrical Maintenance.
  • Rigging & Lifting.
  • Blasting.
  • Visual Inspection.
  • Welding Inspection.
  • Structural Survey. Etc