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  • Signages and Commemoration Plague installation at Marine Center of Excellence.
  • 05/PDR/010-Bonny Finima HV Intertown Connection
  • 4” Gas lift line construction.
  • Installation of power supplies to new CSS cabins.
  • Modification to Fire systems in Temporary and Capital Spares warehouse.
  • Mobile Police and Joint Task Force Camp at Workers Camp Road
  • BUC grid extension
  • Bonny Finima 33kv InterTown Connection Project.
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Golf Club in RA on Bonny Island.
  • MSC Yard Fire System Upgrade.
  • Shut-down Village Power Upgrade.
  • Installation of Fire Detection Alarm System in Turbine Filter / Solid Chemical Warehouse.
  • Procurement and Installation of Dry Gas Seal in Train 3 excavation.
  • Electronic Access Control Project (Installation of Power Supply to New CSS Cabins) Central Control Room (CCR) & Industrial Area
  • Synchronization of RA School Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of fire and detection alarm (FDAS). Gas suppression (FM200) and disable alarm system.
  • Additional Electrical and Telcommunications sockets for Electronic Boards & ICT lab
  • BUC Electrical grid extension.
  • BUC Electrical Network upgrade / extension.
  • BUC Customer Connections metering hook-up.
  • Network Extension (Power)
  • Structured cabling and Voice / Data Socket Installations.
  • Offer/bid For Cabling And Voice And Data Socket Installations
  • (Electrical works) relocation of U-3700 rundown air coolers to U-3300.
  • Complete electrical installation of the new Induction and Training Centre Building. (Temporary Facility)
  • Temporary power supply to Substation 34 and Far 17.
  • Excavation and relocation of Cables at SS34 and 36 to 28.
  • Installation of flood lights at water well 2
  • 4” Gas Lift Line Construction – Ebocha W (7)
  • Provision of oil spill control and Management services